Visual Team-WorkTM Kit

Visual Team-WorkTM Kit

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Define best practice and improve team-work consistency.
See the current status of work flow and team routines within seconds!


Contemporary two-column K-Board with customisable headings and wall hook.


Facilitator Guide & Headings template

Visual Team-Work facilitator guide (pdf) and custom K-Board headings template (Word).


30 Red-Green double sided K-Cards to visually indicate the current work status.

Product Description

‘Visual Team-Work’ provides a visual system to communicate the current status and maintain the consistency of the team’s work. Applications include:

  • One-piece-flow in high volume office processing environments; typically realising 10 – 20% overall throughput improvement and significantly faster response to customers.
  • Individual Care Plan routines and other tasks for Care Support, facilitating visible “Resident Centred” care.
  • Scheduling team outcomes such as 5-S routines, shared work tasks etc., to roster and monitor responsibilities.

The team structures and defines their key work elements through a short 1 hour team workshop, and immediately start monitoring the current status & consistency of their work. The ‘Visual Team-Work’ kit provides a fast proven path to team ownership and a step change in consistency of work & outcomes.

Integrating seamlessly within work activities, the ‘Visual Team-Work’ kit is supplied with a two-column K-Board and wall hook, download files comprised of a team workshop facilitation guide (pdf file) & customisable Board headings template (Word file), and a pack of 30 Red-Green K-Cards.

See Insights from the field:  Visual Team-Work in Education

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K Board colour

Clear, Translucent, White