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Month-End: now its game-time!


The client

As one of Australia’s largest Not-For-Profit organisations, the client provides care and support services across Australia such as family support and out-of-home care, disability services, home and community care for older Australians, support to refugees and asylum seekers. Relationships come first, it’s more than just working together, it’s understanding one another, making lasting connections and building trust. They help their clients to believe in themselves again.

The problem

The national finance month-end reporting was “just taking too long”. It was taking more than a working week to close the General Ledger and finalise reporting & commentaries.  With only ~20 working days available each month, the month-end was taking a significant portion of both the National and State finance teams valuable and scarce time. A break-through was needed to change the mindset and align the teams around game-time!

“Its been less than a week since the Improvement workshops, and the team have already pulled 1 day out, I am impressed!” (Chief Financial Officer)


The Gestaltix® Solution

In the ADD VALUE Workshop, the team reviewed the As-Is workflow of month-end, and identified several Quick Wins. The INCREASE VELOCITY Workshop then identified some significant process changes that would also deliver immediate improvements:

  • National month-end reduced by 1 day immediately.
  • National month-end team progress updates instituted, with on-going Focus areas further reducing month-end.
  • Identification of valuable but unused summary reports and information repositories that literally saved hours for individuals, working from ‘one source of truth’.
  • Clarity of critical timings and reporting deadline requirements reducing a significant amount of rework due to incomplete or out-dated information.
  • Time released for the whole team to “work smarter not harder” on other value-add tasks, effectively delivering tens of thousands of dollars of better support.

“It really has been a change in mindset for our team, now we can all see where we need to improve, and most importantly, how to make that improvement” (Acting Group Financial Controller)



Gestaltix Solution



NGO, Not-For-Profit


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Tens of thousands of $$ in labour redirected to better support internal functions
Corporate Month-End reporting elapsed time reduced by ~30%

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