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The client

A global Fast Moving Consumer Goods manufacturer with over 1,100 employees across the Australasian area, they compete in a highly regulated perishable consumer goods environment. As a part of many local communities – both large and small, they are the top employer and the company of choice for people employed at every stage of their supply chain.

The problem

Team members were feeling that they were spending too long in meetings, with discussions often becoming long-winded problem solving exercises, and it was hard to know if the conclusions lead to improved performance outcomes in any case. There was also concerns that performance data was not being reviewed in a timely enough manner, with a perception that without new IT systems and reporting being implemented, further improvement was not possible.

“We talk about things that should be done all the time, but nothing actually seems to happen. Its frustrating to be sitting in a long meeting every morning when you could be out there doing something that adds better value” (Team Leader).


The Gestaltix® Solution

The client followed the Improvement 123 Increase Velocity approach, in conjunction with small coaching sessions for staff to maximise the rate of internal capability transfer. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) were displayed on custom visual information boards following the Velocity Improvement Planner layout. With the daily staff meeting revised to a stand-up format of 15 minutes each day (from approx. one hour previously), a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) time saving of 30 hours a week for the 8 people involved was achieved!

Increase Velocity activities achieved results such as:

  • 30 hours a week (FTE) of staff time was released & redirected to follow up on overdue system audits and team blitz improvement events
  • Process waste materials information visually reported, contributing to it reducing from 5.12% to 1.8%, with an annual cost saving of $326,000
  • The site also utilised the Improvement 123 Create Order and Add Value approaches, activities integral to the site being recognised for the largest step-change in 2014 globally benchmarked performance metrics:
    • 18% improvement in productivity, measured as Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • 60% reduction in customer complaints
    • 42% improvement in Compliance To Schedule (to 89.4%)
    • 22% reduction in Specific Energy consumption


Gestaltix Solution

123 Kits: Create Order, Add Value, Increase Velocity


Fast Moving Consumer Goods


FMCG, Office


Sydney. NSW


Many tens of thousands in cost savings
Productivity improvements, Reduced material waste and specific energy consumption

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