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The client

The clients’ mission is to provide supported independent living for people with disabilities; to provide safe, secure accommodation and support for them to achieve their life goals. To achieve this, they put a lot of time into finding the perfect homes and equipping them out to cater for the needs of the residents. They also focus on getting the dynamics right with each of the housemates and staff in each of the homes. The support provided to residents includes; transport, daily living activities, socialisation and participation in the local community, learning and life planning with regular touch points to measure and manage performance.

The problem

With staff providing 24/7 individualised care support to residents, carers work on a rotating shift basis. It had been noticed by the Team Leaders that even though everything was set out in care plans, there were gaps occurring where it wasn’t clear that either the plans hadn’t been completed or documentation was not being kept up to date/complete. The unknown status of the work was creating competing demands, and carers were having problems determining the priorities. The experiences from recent on-boarding of several new carer staff had also revealed that the focus on keeping up with documentation was limiting the individual from taking initiative, such as planning for a house outing.

The Team Leaders needed a simple work-system that promoted a uniform approach to care support, that could be used as a standard across all homes, ensuring that documentation complied and staff were focussed on what mattered the most.

“Our issue was all about the lack of consistency in meeting expectations: it wasn’t easy to see where things were currently up to in service delivery, documentation, procedural compliance and record keeping!”

The Gestaltix® Solution

A custom Visual Team-WorkTM kit was used to provide a visible ‘resident centered’ work system in each of the homes. A K-Board personalised to each resident was set up in the home office, and K-cards were used to create a simple checklist to track the history, with the red/green card colour visually indicating the current status of each task.

With staff working to a consistent system, management were assured of procedural compliance, that risks were being managed and that carers were spending quality time focused on the residents and supporting them to achieve their goals.

“The K-Board and cards have simplified our work management system providing easy visibility for all staff to work together and provide a better, more consistent level of support. In what is now becoming a competitive environment, this simple work management tool has allowed us to differentiate our service” (Mike Wood, CEO Songbird)


Gestaltix Solution

Visual Team-work kit: custom K-Board


Not-For-Profit, Office


Newcastle, NSW


Significant gains in service delivery, through reduced effort on record keeping & documentation compliance.

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