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The client

The client handles more 30 million logs and 3.5 million tonnes of forestry products every year, with more than 1,000 personnel working in 15 ports around New Zealand and Australia. Even though so many logs are handled, every single one matters. On arrival to the port, every log is scaled according to the Japanese Agricultural Standard, or JAS, with individual logs tracked from the wharf to the ship, and onwards to the world.

The problem

The client had commenced shipping logs from a new site and there was growing frustration due to higher than expected costs and competing goals across functional teams. There were key operational aspects to be concurrently managed: safely loading logs while maintaining an efficient JAS per Gross Gang hr and meeting the customer stow factor with nil damage to equipment or product.

“We were all measuring success in different ways, it wasn’t clear what improvements would make a difference.”

The Gestaltix® Solution

The teams followed Improvement 123 Increase Velocity to understand the way work was currently done. The ship loading crew came together with the trucking company and agreed on what a ‘good day’ looked like. This set the scene for process and other issues identified to be prioritised for improvement using the Priority Reckoner; and the Velocity Improvement Planner provided an easy way to establish a forum for the team to visually track ongoing performance. A simple team working agreement to communicate the priorities and timing of log deliveries during the day was made, achieving significant savings through gains in productivity and workplace safety.

Recently JAS per Gross Gang hr rates have been impacted by smaller logs increasing the number of lifts; however the team is now well able to step up to this challenge:

“We will be using the process (Increase Velocity) as we did previously to discuss what changes have occurred and how we can all work together to further improve and increase productivity.” (Site Manager)


Gestaltix Solution

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Significant gains in productivity and workplace safety.

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