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The client

A dynamic small public school located in the rural outskirts of Maitland, catering for the education, welfare and development of students from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school prides itself on its caring family environment and strong parent involvement and a proud history being the oldest Public School in Australia in continuous operation on the one site. The school strives to develop students who are well adjusted, responsible citizens, with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the future.

The problem

The school uses a student focused Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) approach to collectively support the wellbeing of every student and discourage unproductive behaviours. A key issue for Executive & staff was inconsistency in the management of students referred for unproductive and challenging conduct. Defined behaviour referral criteria were being applied inconsistently, there were also gaps in the detail of documentation & tracking, resulting in students ‘slipping through the cracks’, and creating excessive amounts of Executive follow-up time. This was significantly limiting the effectiveness of the PBL approach with students, as Executive were spending most of their time ‘administering the system’ rather than focusing on Positive Behaviour interventions with the students. The school needed a simple, school-wide system that promoted a uniform working approach to interventions while minimising the up-keep & documentation.

“Student behaviour referrals were being administered in different ways, and the follow-up and history of the students identified wasn’t clear for any of us. We just didn’t have time to keep on top of it!”

The Gestaltix® Solution

The staff implemented a Visual Team-WorkTM kit, to provide a visual and transparent system to manage behaviour referrals within the school. The established PBL referral criteria were discussed with staff to align and confirm understanding of the purpose of behaviour referrals. Red-Green coloured K-Cards provided a simple, visual indication of the status of any students referred, and also documented and tracked the history, making reviews of trends and patterns from past incidents a simple task.

Significant gains were quickly achieved due to two aspects working together; the renewed clarity of PBL referral criteria provided more consistent referral management of students, coupled with immediate visibility of the status of the referral on the K-Board. With staff working to a strong school-wide system that promotes early intervention by commencing PBL protocols at the time of referral, Executive time is now better spent focused on the students and the restitution for their behaviour.

“We have found the K-Board and cards to be a simple way for all of us to work together & address a seemingly intractable problem” (School Assistant Principal)


Gestaltix Solution

Visual Team-WorkTM kit


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Maitland, NSW


Significant reductions in the occurrence of unproductive student behaviours and consequently less Executive intervention time.

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