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The client

One of Australia’s premier rail freight and passenger organisations with over 8500 km of rail network and 1150 employees. The organisation continually strives to be a cost efficient, reliable, safe and responsible mode of transport across 5 states.

The problem

The client’s field maintenance teams had some storage and safety concerns. There was a perception that there was a need to build larger work sheds to more efficiently house field trucks, equipment and consumables. In addition there had been several recent work injuries caused by the poor condition of hand tools which was found to be in part due to poor storage practices.

“There’s not enough room for all the things we need to do our job, we need new larger sheds and better storage racks.”


The Gestaltix® Solution

The client followed the Improvement 123  Create Order kit, to implement a consistent 5-S approach in all 6 sites. The outcomes were spectacular, with significant monetary savings and gains and improved workplace safety.

Create Order activities resulted in:

  • Identification and subsequent sale of over $140,000 in scrap steel.
  • The need for bigger sheds was shifted by the realization that up to 50% of the tools and equipment stored in the sheds were either not required or no longer used — there was no need to build new sheds, saving tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Visual workplace 5-S audits discovered a significant number of hand tools were damaged and some had even been incorrectly modified (insufficient handle retaining wedges) with the very real likelihood for serious leg and hand injuries. This issue was immediately corrected and tool inspections are now part of standard 5-S audits.


Gestaltix Solution

123 Kit: Create Order


Premier Rail Organisation


Office, Rail


Various locations throughout Hunter Valley and Central West


$140,000 in scrap steel sales
Improved safety and massive space savings.

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