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The client

The client’s mission is to provide access to fast broadband to homes and businesses across Australia. The broadband access network connects with phone and internet providers’ domestic transmission networks and international networks to help Australia become a more connected, more competitive and more innovative nation. The rollout of the access network is one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Australia’s history, covering even the most remote and inaccessible areas of Australia.

The problem

Aspirations to engage over 2000 staff within 5 months in a corporate ‘self healing’ problem solving toolset presented a clear challenge; how to consistently & rapidly scale up the deployment. Whilst the problem solving tools were known quantities, a participant-centered, learning-by-doing approach was needed, delivered through internal facilitators to remain consistent with the ‘self healing’ message. Previous attempts at scaling training courses had resulted in less than ideal outcomes; the lessons-learnt highlighted that rapidly developing confident internal facilitators was going to be essential.

“We had a seemingly unreachable target, developing the course content alone would have taken all of the available time. It wasn’t clear how we could quickly create a cadré of internal facilitators that would consistently deliver an engaging experience with line staff and at the same time support the ongoing outcomes needed for our ‘self healing’ journey!”

The Gestaltix® Solution

The Gestaltix® IDS-Problem Solving Masterclass package train-the-trainer classes, Master Class Guides and Process Simulation Kits provided a ‘participant centered’ practical approach with focus on the key tools and know-how that could be readily implemented within the workplace. Within a month, a core group of Master facilitators were scaling the internal delivery of courses to meet the ‘self healing’ roll-out targets. Course participants were able to be easily engaged in ‘learning-by-doing’; course feedback was full of energy, with the innovative LEGO® simulation creating excitement. Participants were easily able to draw on the problem solving tools and structure of the lean A3 report covered in the course to work on solving their own workplace problems.

“The (IDS) program has dramatically shortened and simplified our capability building; over twenty-five IDS kits are providing an easy, repeatable way to develop internal facilitators to deliver a participant-centered course that directly engages staff to solve their own workplace problems. Previously I would not have believed that it was possible to both hit our course delivery targets using our internal team AND simultaneously achieve 100% satisfaction feedback scores from the course participants” (Business Capability Manager)


Gestaltix Solution

Gestaltix IDS-Problem Solving Masterclass package


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