IDS-Fast Track TM

Fast Track accelerates implementation by structuring authority, preparation, participation and support for an initiative. The approach can be adapted to suit the experience level of the Team with key roles of Coach and Team Leader supported through Master Class training and comprehensive Guides.

How effectively is the Coaching of your Leaders and their Teams creating skills & capabilities with a tangible Return On Investment?

• Is the difference between the role of the Coach versus your Facilitators understood?
• Are your Specialists and ‘Subject Matter Experts’ your best Coaches?
• Are individualised project pathways provided based on the best practice ‘3 types’ roadmaps?
• Is your Coaching standard practice designed to track Progress and Performance outcomes?
• Do your Coaching practices encompass Mindsets and Behaviours as well as the Technical content?
• Does your Coaching process ensure proven-practices are captured and shared?

So, ask yourself again, is your Coaching support effective at developing skills and capabilities in your Leaders and their Teams?

IDS-Fast Track

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IDS-Fast Track: Team workshop or Kit, the choice is yours!

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