Putting improvement strategies and tools in your hands

Everyone in your organisation has knowledge and experience that can help improve your business. What you need is simple, proven ways to get everyone working together, sharing valuable internal know-how and taking ownership of the continuous improvement process. This is exactly what Gestaltix kits will do for you. Easy to follow, and proven in the field to deliver tangible value-in-use; everyone has a way to offer innovative insights that will add value to your business.

Standard kits: ‘The kit and just the kit’, modules and courses available to purchase on-line in ready-to-go kit form.
• Bound copy of Facilitator Guide, training delivery instructions and implementation activities
• PDF files of presentation slide decks and supporting templates
• Supporting interactive Process Simulations to increase participant engagement, discovery & ownership
• A range of specifically designed Visual tools and consumables for immediate use in the workplace

Premium packages: All Standard kit components plus the full support to make it yours.
• Editable, co-branded, digital versions of Facilitator Guides and presentation materials allowing you to customise to suit.
• Gestaltix facilitated Master Class session that supports you to continue to train your own trainers!

Improvement 123®

Putting improvement strategies and tools in your hands

In 3 easy to follow kits, Improvement 123® provides everything you need to empower your teams with just the right amount of Lean-based theory, strategy and practical tools so that they can immediately create a succession of lasting improvements. With Improvement 123, everyone has a way to create order, add value and increase the velocity of your business.

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Improvement 123® kits

Kit 1: create order

Create Order is the first of the three kits in the Gestaltix Improvement 123 program. The kit and associated coursework covers the first stage of creating order in a workplace using the 5-S approach. It provides a foundation for continuous improvement in any workplace through the systematic application of 5-S practices according to suggestions and actions made by the people who do the work. [more …]

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Kit 2: add value

Add Value covers the second stage of workplace continuous improvement: the identification of a wide variety of process and operational wastes. The kit includes instruction on how to identify wastes and provides a proven Visual Workplace tool to tap into employee expertise and track Added Value. [more …]

Kit 3: increase velocity

Increase Velocity builds on the foundations laid in the first two kits and engages your teams in the essentials of monitoring process performance and improvement. The kit and coursework provide a proven, repeatable mechanism for identifying work constraints, and focuses the team interdependent relationships to Increase Velocity in your business! [more …]

Gestaltix® IDS

Solve your own workplace problems

Gestaltix® IDS (Identify, Define, Solve) cuts through much of the complexity often encountered in problem-solving and process improvement methodologies and focuses on the key practical tools and know-how that can be readily implemented within workplaces.
The IDS Master Class Guide, Process Simulation Kits and train-the-trainer Master Class make it easy for organisations to put proven tools in the hands of the people who are experiencing the problems, as they are, more often than not, the ones who hold the keys to solving them.

Identify-Define-SolveTM kits

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Problem solving

The IDS-problem solving kit provides the team with simple, practical improvement tools integrated into the A3 problem solving roadmap; proven to resolve 80% or more of the day-to-day issues!
[more …]

Process improvement

IDS-process improvement provides tools and team practices that streamline & reduce the complexity of work processes; simplify the ‘back-stage’ workflow and deliver a better ‘on-stage’ customer experience!

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IDS-problem solving