Where can Improvement 123 kits be used?

Improvement 123 kits continue to engage people in Continuous Improvement across many industry areas, including: Disability, Education, Logistics, Transport, Local council, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Telecommunications, Mobile field service and many Process industries, refer to our Insights page for examples from the field.

Improvement 123 kits are easily integrated into daily work, and have delivered immediate benefits in a diverse range of organisational functions such as: corporate finance, mobile field maintenance services, 24/7 rail control centres, port stevedoring operations, and quality control departments. With the kits being completely scalable, the range of application examples include supporting a single office right through to a national corporate program!

What is the nature of the improvements created by each of the Improvement 123 kits?

Improvement 123 kits have been used to address a wide range of the ‘pains’ seen in the work place, including the following:

Create Order 
• Disorganised, cluttered work areas including shared workspaces (shared kitchen facilities, field service vehicles, print rooms, storage of process consumables such as chemicals, equipment etc.).
• Work areas with significant levels of Safety incidents such as: slips trips and falls, hand injuries, lifting and other ergonomics related issues.
• Office arrangement/desk layouts creating less than ideal work and information flows.
• Team members ‘stuck in routine’, lacking tools or structure to facilitate their involvement in change and improvement.
• Less than ideal space available in the work area for the tasks at hand due to inefficient layouts, storage, or excessive amounts of furniture, equipment etc.
• Significant amounts of employee time and effort are spent looking for lost inventory, information and/or equipment and tools, and there may be an associated background level of ‘shrinkage’ of equipment, tools, trading inventory etc.

Add Value
• Continuous improvement processes aren’t team-owned, and don’t affect real change and benefits to the team work environment.
• There is no simple, visible way for team members to contribute their ‘work smarter, not harder’ workplace improvement ideas.
• Significant amounts of employee time and effort are spent managing interruptions to tasks, or tasks are being impacted by rushing, waiting and rework.
• Overall or peak work demands are greater than available team capacity, or the team is not able to match the variability in work demand.
• The value of the team diversity and experience is not visible and being recognised.

Increase Velocity
• Less than ideal customer outcomes caused by team interdependencies restricting effectiveness, including within and across business functions.
• Teams are being stretched to manage the formal business rules in their dynamic work processes, resulting in less than desirable responsiveness to changing circumstances.
• Roles & Responsibilities are unclear, with lack of transparency of work task timeliness and decisions.
• Team communication processes including meetings appear to be unstructured, take too long and provide insufficient actions and resulting impact on performance.
• Work team performance is vaguely defined, not tracked or visible.

If you are unsure whether a kit may match your circumstances, please give us a call and we will help!

How quickly do Improvement 123 kits deliver a return-on-investment?

Improvement 123 kits have a proven track record of delivering on-going business returns many times greater than the investment. Typically each team session run identifies and actions improvements that deliver returns greater than ten times the cost of the kits.

Typical business benefits include:
• One-off direct cost benefits due to sale of obsolete or redundant materials, furniture and IT equipment.
• On-going cost benefits due to reduced tool and equipment loss and replacement.
• On-going cost benefits due to reduced facilities lease costs, storage equipment and mobile plant. (e.g. remote warehouse storage lease, forklift hire, print & photocopier lease, storage equipment hire).
• Operational conversion-cost reductions created by insourcing work that historically was outsourced. (e.g. reduced contract costs for cleaning and maintenance services).
• On-going conversion-cost benefits by releasing work capacity through reduced workflow cycle times. (e.g. reducing time to complete Month-End reports; which created 14 hours per month per staff member to be redeployed onto other value-add tasks.

Contact us to find out more about maximising the pay-back.

Do Improvement 123 kits require prior experience in lean improvement tools?

Whilst drawing on the lean principles and tools, the key Improvement 123 difference is that it is explicitly designed with techniques and methods for you to engage your team members, with everyone having an opportunity to contribute at any stage. Continuous Improvement is established through the team and by the team, providing a succession of rapid and sustainable changes. Every person. Every day.

The facilitator guide included with each kit clearly details the materials, leading the group activities, use of the supplied tools, tips for success, common pitfalls and things to watch out for. Ongoing support and advice is available about any topic related to continuing the successful use of Improvement 123 kits!

Do Improvement 123 kits need any facilitator training before running them?

Improvement 123 kits are designed to be used by any competent facilitator who understands the principles behind experiential learning; helping participants draw out and develop their own learning during group discussion and make links between their learning and their daily work.

The facilitator manuals included with each kit provide background information and all the details needed to run each session. Although not essential, many people find it extremely useful to attend and watch one of the Improvement 123 sessions prior to facilitating their own.

Contact us or give us a call to find out more.

What support is available for Improvement 123 kits?

The purpose of Improvement 123 kits is to provide fully supported continuous improvement tools and techniques, deployed with workplace team members. The kits deliver far more than just training & team activities; each kit is deliberately structured so that it engages with work teams while at work, educating them with just enough improvement theory, and then immediately applying and establishing the continuous improvement tools and processes within the group.

The nature of the materials is such that the team simultaneously learns and develops their way forward in real-time based on the key principles and tools provided. As such it is unlikely any external support will be required, but it is available in any case. Contact Gestaltix anytime with any questions, queries or check for understanding required.

Public coaching workshops providing instruction on the use of the Improvement 123 kits are scheduled on demand, subject to minimum numbers being available. These are typically 1/2 day sessions which are hands-on demonstration and detail the use of Improvement 123 kits.

Contact Gestaltix via the Contact page to find out more.

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What are the benefits of a Masterclass package?

Masterclass packages are the most effective, consistent and economical way of introducing and scaling continuous improvement tools and techniques within your business:
• Masterclass sessions provide consistent and repeatable hands on ‘know-how’ development so Facilitators can deliver the modules when, where and how you like.
• Unbundled Kit components allow you to pick and choose additional, replacement or duplicate items as needed.

Multi-site organisations can rapidly and consistently deploy while also leveraging materials to optimise costs. A user-pays system is created through use of the Gestaltix on-line shop, eliminating the proliferation of multiple vendors, excess stock and duplication that creates a burden of hidden waste in administration time and effort to manage.

Masterclass packages can optionally be provided with co-branding of kit Guides and materials. Contact us to find out more.

How do I sign up for the Masterclass package?

Purchase a Workshop kit and Contact us to sign up for a Masterclass package

How are the Masterclass package benefits accessed ongoing?

Once a Masterclass package is established, access is provided either via an on-line logon (Username/email and Password) or through the use of dedicated Promo codes.

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