Create process improvement skills!

Hands-on Process Improvement sessions!
Know-how and skills for real workplace outcomes!
Unfreeze and align mindsets to see the whole improvement picture!

Introduction to Process Improvement

A half-day team session to introduce & develop the process improvement mindset within the team; the Introduction to Process Improvement workshop is a highly interactive and fast paced immersion simulation engaging everyone in the action!

Participants are involved impromptu in the Courier Capers action-learning experience, a uniquely fun way to develop understanding of how customer-back process improvement tools and techniques achieve better outcomes!

Simplify, streamline and reduce work complexity!

The one day Create Order team session reinvigorates and provides a sustaining structure to team-based improvements in the workplace. This Improvement 123 Create Order workshop rapidly creates a new way of working by the team, and provides a new Visual Workplace perspective with immediate benefits to the workplace such as less clutter, more workspace and reduced time and effort to find things.

Ask us about the option to include Visual Team-WorkTM implementation

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The Add Value workshop reveals the hidden workplace, as experienced by staff and customers every day. This one day As-Is session identifies and actions the things that are preventing the team from providing high quality service and a better customer experience. This workshop collects the previously unseen quick wins &  ‘low hanging fruit’, and focuses the team to both implement and continue on making improvements.

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Develop a Customer-focused competitive edge!

Reframe the way work is done to remove the constant struggle of competing priorities across siloed systems and organisational structures!
The half-day Increase Velocity workshop facilitates team collaboration to think ‘customer first’, with a focus on both the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Design and map the should-be workflow, and sustain the focus by developing an agreed team understanding.

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Agile isn’t just for IT and software development, it’s a new way for all teams to continually think about their Customers.

In contrast to the structure and rigid process in traditional business improvement approaches, agile continuous improvement creates responsiveness and innovation through a collaborative, open, creative and much more efficient way of achieving better business and customer outcomes sooner