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Stories from the diverse range of workplaces where people and teams are utilising Gestaltix® Courses, continuous improvement kits and visual tools to deliver tangible improvements!

Unexpected bonus from ‘just a tidy up’

Ports, Resources

The client was keen to, in their words “just clean up the work area”. They were experiencing significant tool loss, reduced storage space and misplacement of equipment and spare parts. An easy, effective, do-it-yourself team approach was needed to get people involved in organising the workplace.

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Triple benefits in housekeeping!


The client was experiencing significant issues managing plant overhaul & refurbishment work that was outsourced, this was tying up significant amounts of management and staff time having to keep on top of the status of the work and manage rework on repairs that weren’t done right the first time.

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Make more time with meetings!

FMCG, Office

Team members were feeling that they were spending too long in daily meetings, with discussions often becoming long-winded problem solving exercises. There was also concerns that performance data was not being reviewed in a timely enough manner, with no further improvement on this possible.

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