See the whole improvement picture!

Gestaltix Pty Ltd draws on greater than 12 years of hands-on experience in helping organisations in a variety of industries to implement all levels of business improvement strategies and tools. During that time we have perfected unique and practical approaches that get visible, measurable results.

At Gestaltix, we know that the key to lasting, truly continuous improvement is to give you a way to tap the expertise of your people – the people who are involved in doing the work.

So, we have packaged our proven know-how, materials and workplace visual tools into fantastic kits and courses that make it easy for managers and trainers to implement programs that produce improvements based on ideas and solutions introduced by your own employees.

Gestaltix improvement kits give you the control to improve your own business by developing and engaging work teams to implement effective work-practice changes, sustained by best practice management systems.

Gestaltix courses provide the mind-set shift to ‘thinking process’; directly building practical skills and capabilities in process improvement which can be applied to all aspects of work.

Gestaltix provides leading edge know-how and practices within the field of business improvement. This is continually advanced through the following working relationships:

Providing Australian-based affiliate services for SBTI Inc. (USA).

IDEON® license, founded on the principle that in order to do things differently, we have to see things differently. IDEON® is a unique customer frame to develop insight, conceptualise and then engage.

Author membership of the Copyright Agency Limited

Gestaltix. Creating improvement out of the box!

Managing Director

Stuart Ewin

Founding director

With formal qualifications in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering, Stuart has over 30 years heavy industry experience resulting in a unique blend of operational and engineering capability. He has worked within Manufacturing, Mining, Port services, Rail, Coal-fired Power Generation, Not-For-Profit, Telco and FMCG industries, in functions such as Operations, Maintenance, Safety, HR, Supply Chain, Corporate Finance and Shared Services.

Stuart is a formally trained (SBTI, Texas) and certified Lean-Six Sigma Master Black Belt, helping to establish and then lead the OneSteel Lean-Six Sigma program (corporate role) for 6 years. The team delivered $105 million in validated bottom-line financial results during this time.

Stuart has significant experience in all levels of Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma; including delivering the training and coaching of over 150 Black Belts and 300 Green Belts. He has also implemented Lean Enterprise management systems such as Lean Diagnostics, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Workplace (5-S, Visual Management Boards, Kanban), Kaizen events and Quick Change Over (QCO) with more than twelve client organisations to date.

As the founder of Gestaltix Pty Ltd, Stuart brings this proven expertise and know-how to the Gestaltix kits and Gestaltix Courses.